When you're talking about exciting SUVs that'll give you the motivation to get out there and go for a drive, you're probably talking about vehicles like the Jeep Compass. This all-weather, all-purpose vehicle is as hands-on as compact SUVs get, with a variety of features from capability to safety to performance that make it a real experience to delve into.

At Drivers Village, Inc., we're most impressed by the Jeep Compass' capability features. Incredible articulation is one reason why the Compass is such an excellent off-roading experience - it can handle any surface you put it on top of. Plus, the vehicle's heated exterior mirrors and automatic de-icing wipers make it a perfect choice for anywhere that experiences cold winters.

The Jeep Compass was definitely made with being as useful to as many situations a possible, so why not see if you can use it yourself? Come test drive the Jeep Compass here at Drivers Village, Inc.

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