When it's time to tow an entire tiny house or carry building materials to a construction site, Ram 2500 is the only heavy-duty pickup that will do. That's why it continues to outsell its competition. A quick glance at its capability features explains why it's so powerful and popular. Take the following two capability features that our team at Drivers Village, Inc. selected.

The Ultimate in Shocks

A truck that must confront the worst driving conditions needs serious shock absorption. The shocks in Ram 2500 are gas-charged monotube shocks by Bilstein, a leader in the manufacture of heavy-duty shocks. Bilstein shocks absorb whatever Ram 2500 encounters, keeping the truck's wheels to the ground even on the toughest Cicero, NY streets or unpaved country roads.

A Winch Built for Major Towing

When equipped with a 6.7L Cummins Turbo Diesel engine, Ram 2500 tows up to 19,000+ pounds. It's a good thing Ram 2500 comes with the only factory-install heavy-duty pickup winch, the WARN ZEON-12 winch. Its durable, synthetic material never kinks or frays, has a 12,000-pound rating and the entire winch weighs 28 pounds less than its previous versions.

Get behind the wheel of the Ram 2500 today with a test drive at our dealership. We look forward to your visit.

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